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Our tax practice includes most aspects of federal taxation, such as forming and reorganizing business entities, joint ventures, tax-exempt organizations, and minimizing the taxation of compensation (deferred or otherwise), and the U.S. taxation of international transactions. We also are expert in estate and gift tax planning.
Whether you are a small, start-up venture or a well-established, publicly traded company, the structure of your business operations and transactions can affect your tax results. We can provide sound tax advice in connection with selecting the right form for your business (i.e. corporation, partnership or a limited liability company). We also handle important changes to business structures that involve mergers & acquisitions, spin-offs, and other tax-free distributions and reorganizations, like kind exchanges, and structure tax favorable settlement awards in contract and tort disputes.
Our Tax Group has advised numerous clients on international tax strategies ranging from designing the structure of foreign enterprises to achieve significant U.S. tax savings, to determining the form and jurisdiction of acquiring vehicles to achieve maximum reduction in foreign taxes.
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