Passive Information Collected (cont'd)
Our site's servers also automatically identify your computer by its Internet Protocol address, which is a unique string of numbers that is assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider. Your IP address may be used to address problems with our server or administer our site or to gather broad demographic information about our members.

How Do We Use the Information Collected?
We use Active Information for processing requests and services on your behalf or disclose such to third parties at your request, such as via referring you to another attorney.

We use Passive Information to gather information about our users and to enhance and design our site to make it easier, faster and friendlier to use. Additionally, cookies help RRA know information about how many people visit our site, when they visit and how they use our service.

What Information Do We Collect?
When you visit our site, you may provide RRA with two types of information: personal information you actively choose to disclose ("Active Information") and information collected, in a way not visible to you, on an aggregate anonymous basis as you and others browse our site ("Passive Information").
Finally, we may share this information for the following purposes in accordance with the law, including among others:

  • With your consent or at your direction;
  • To protect the confidentiality or security of your records pertaining to the consumer, service, product, or transaction;
  • To comply with Federal, State or local laws, rules and other applicable legal requirements including subpoena or investigation;
  • In connection with the proposed or actual sale or merger of all or a portion of our business.

How Do We Secure Active Information and Passive Information?
We use reasonable technical and commercial means to safeguard your information.
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