Kenneth D. Padowitz
Of Counsel
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Kenneth D. Padowitz is Of Counsel at the firm of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and practices Criminal Law and Civil Litigation.           Lawyers

Biography Cont.: Gretta Van Susterns' 'The Point', Court T.V., Forensic Files, American Justice, The Mitch Album Show, National Public Radio 'All Things Considered', many international television shows, a frequent legal expert on the Fox News Channel, and appeared in such publications as National Trial Lawyers Magazine, People Magazine, Rosie Magazine, Maclean's magazine, Multimedia World, The Prosecutor Magazine, Readers Digest and the front page of The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel as well as numerous other magazines and newspapers across the country. As an Assistant State Attorney in the Homicide Unit, Ken prosecuted many high-profile trials, which include the case against Lionel Tate, a 12 year old indicted by a grand jury as an adult in the murder of a 6-year-old girl, Tiffany Eunich. The defendant blamed professional wrestling for the child's death. The jury convicted him of 1st degree murder. Another one of those high profile trials include the case against Kenneth Pierce, convicted of the hit and run death of little Nicole Rae Walker. Pierce drove off the road on a Dania street and drove into a group of five children. A two-month manhunt led to the widely publicized trial and conviction of the defendant. A computer animation reenactment of the crime was introduced into evidence at trial, by Ken, for the first time in a Florida
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Biography: A twenty-year lawyer, Mr. Padowitz is a former Homicide Prosecutor with the Broward County State Attorneys Office for approximately 16 years. Ken has tried over 250 jury trials, including prosecution of 35 First Degree Murder trials with only one "not guilty" verdict. Ken has also distinguished himself in the community as an Adjunct law professor for 17 years at Nova Southeastern law School, teaching Trial Advocacy and Scientific Evidence. Ken is frequently called upon by the news media for opinions and discussion on various legal issues being debated in the country and our community. He has appeared on 20/20 with Barbra Walters, ABC-Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The O'Riley Factor, CNN News and Headline News, CNN-The Morning Show, NBC-The Today Show, The John Walsh Show, Montell Williams, Phil Donohue, Wolf Blitzer Reports, MSNBC News, Burden of Proof, Hannity & Colmes,

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