Steven N. Lippman

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Publications Cont: Newsletter 5, January 1998; "Florida Supreme Court Clarifies Ability to Obtain Post-Judgment Interest at Rate Greater Than Legal Rate," Vol. 22, No. 6, The Equipment Financing Journal 15, Nov./Dec. 1997; "Update on Documentary Stamp Tax Liability in Florida," Vol. XVI, No. 11, Equipment Leasing Newsletter 7, November 1997; "Avoid the Unexpected: Getting Interest Rates Clearly Defined in the Lease," Vol. XVI, No. 1, Equipment Leasing Newsletter 7, January 1997; "Lessor's Procedures Create State Tax Liability," Volume XIV, No. 9, Leader's Equipment Leasing Newsletter, September, 1995; "One Less Safe Harbor: Savings Clause Doesn't Preclude Usury Finding," Vol. XIV, No. 11 Equipment Leasing Newsletter 7, November 1995; "Proceedings Supplementary and Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, Dual Remedies to Execute Against a Judgment Debtor's Transferred Assets," Vol. LXX, No. 1 Florida Bar Journal 22, January 1996; "Careless Drafting Creates Sales Tax Liability," Vol. XV, No. 2 Equipment Leasing Newsletter 7, February 1996.

Law School: University of Miami, J.D.cum laude, 1987

College: University of Florida, B.A., 1984

Publications:"Prejudgment Relief," Chapter 6, Pretrial 1 Vol., American Inns of Court Civil Procedure Series, Lawyers Coop.; "Removal and Remand." Chapter 15, Florida Civil Practice Before Trial, The Florida Bar; "McClesky v. Kemp, Constitutional Tolerance for Racially Disparate Capital Sentencing," 41 University of Miami Law Review 295; "Kelly v. R.G. Industries, Gun Control Fires Back," 21 Tort and Insurance Law Journal 493; "Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act Claims in Florida Need Not Be Stayed Until Judgment, Vol. XXII, No. 10, Equipment Leasing Newsletter 3, November 2003; "New Rules on Perfecting Judgment Liens in Florida," Vol. XIII, No. 8, Equipment Leasing Today, Sept. 12, 2001; "Close Connection Doctrine: How Close is Too Close?" Vol. XI, No. 8, Equipment Leasing Today 18, September 1999; "Are You Really Settled?" Vol. X, No. 8, Equipment Leasing Today 14, September 1998; "Insufficient Language Precludes Ability to Recover Fees," Vol. VII, No. 1, Equipment Leasing

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