Freqently Asked Questions

What kind of cases does Rothstein Rosenfedlt Adler handle?
Our firm represents individuals as well as major corporations.

How does RRA select its lawyers?
Founding Partners' Scott Rothstein and Stuart Rosenfedlt personally selected lawyers who shared their vision of justice and diligent problem solving for clients. The RRA family now includes successful litigators, seasoned dealmakers and talented young lawyers. They are all committed to the RRA slogan "Changing the World's View of Lawyers, One Client at a Time".

What are RRA's strengths?
We have created a firm with in-depth experience in a variety of areas so that we can help clients with as many of matters as possible. To help us meet that goal, our office is truly paperless with all client files secured in our online system. This allows us to save time and money in preparation of documents for litigation as well as allowing us to access our files from anywhere in the world.
Does RRA charge for initial consultation?
In most cases, we do not charge for initial consultation.

How can I check RRA credentials?
You can read the summary of our lawyers' backgrounds and the Press section on our site. Additionally, you can check our lawyers' licensing as listed with the applicable State Bars: FL, CA, NY, OH, TX, and DC

Does RRA take cases on contingency?
RRA will take select cases on a contingency basis (meaning that our fees are based on a percentage of the amount we recover for the client). If there is no financial recovery for the client, then we charge no fee for our time. This allows us to represent individuals who might not otherwise have the money to hire a lawyer and also allows us to handle other matters that especially lend themselves to this model such as collections, personal injury, settlement negotiations, and other matters.

Where will RRA handle cases?
RRA has lawyers licensed in CA, Florida, NY, OH, PA, TX and Washington DC. Our litigators have handled hundreds of state and federal cases nationwide. We will handle cases in accordance with State Bar regulations throughout the United States and worldwide in association with local counsel. Regardless of your location, please contact us to determine if we might assist with your matter.

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