Roger Stone
Public Affairs Consultant
Phone - 954-315-7262
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Among Mr. Stone’s many prominent roles, he served as Chief Strategist for U.S. Sugar in the company’s successful $27 million referendum campaign to defeat a proposed Florida state tax on sugar. Mr. Stone also directed the successful campaign to require a two-thirds vote of the people to increase taxes through a constitutional amendment in Florida. Mr. Stone also led the successful campaign for voter approval of the retention of riverboat gaming in Louisiana.

Mr. Stone’s first political experience was as a traveling aide to Connecticut Governor John Davis Lodge, in Richard Nixon’s 1968 campaign for President. He also served in President Nixon’s re-election campaign in 1972 and went on to serve as a Legislative Research Assistant to Senator Bob Dole.

Mr. Stone has served as a senior advisor and consultant in eight Presidential campaigns, including intimate involvement in the campaigns ofPresidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well as working on the National Staff in the 1968 and 1972 campaigns of President Richard M. Nixon.

Mr. Stone served as Eastern Regional Political Director for President Ronald Reagan’s campaign in both 1980 and 1984 with responsibility for thirteen eastern and Midwestern states including Ohio.
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Roger Stone is recognized as one of the Nation’s most prominent political, public affairs, and media strategists. With a vast network of powerful clients and a career spanning over thirty-five years, Mr. Stone is regarded as one of the top three Public Affairs and Government Relations strategists in the United States.

Internationally, Mr. Stone has served as a consultant in successful parliamentary elections in the Ukraine, Argentina, Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Bermuda as well as the United Kingdom. He is frequently called upon by leaders of foreign governments to assist in matters in their own countries as well as with their relationships with the United States and United States based corporations.

In recent years, Mr. Stone has specialized in ballot initiatives and referendums. In 2004, Mr. Stone represented members of the Florida Pari-mutuel industry in their successful effort to pass a Constitutional Amendment allowing slot machines at designated locations in Broward and Dade Counties.
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