Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli

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Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli is an attorney at RRA, where she practices in the areas of Immigration, Nationality, Consular and Private International Law           Lawyers

Biography Cont.:  Her extensive immigration and international experience includes cross immigration and nationality issues to and from the UnitedStates, Europe and Latin America. Prior to joining RRA , Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli worked for several immigration firms and projects assisting U.S. clients to immigrate abroad, and international clients to immigrate to the U.S. through either family members, investment, religion or profession (E, H, L, O, P, F, K, Q and R visas) . She also manages U.S. naturalization and dual citizenship acquisition and re-acquisition.
Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli has worked for the United Nations and World Bank Group at the Inter-American Development Bank and Organization of American States, respectively, and she has served in diplomatic missions.She has also worked for multinational corporations in Italy, France, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic.
As a civil servant, she worked as a Staff Attorney (Judicial Clerk) for the Fourth District Court of Appeals for Honorable Judge Barry Stone and as a Law Clerk at the Unlicensed Practice of Law Department of The Florida Bar.
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Biography : Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli is a Civil Code and U.S. attorney with several Master's of law including "International Trade and Banking" and "International Taxation and Off Shore Trusts" in the United States. She also completed her studies for a Master's in "Commercial and European Law" in France and "Private International Law", in the Netherlands.
Dr. Sara Coen-Giovanelli is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and English (written and spoken). Her distinctive legal and language skills allow her to communicate with international clients in their own language and without the need of translators or interpreters.

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